The brake system for locomotives consists of an automatic pneumatic brake, which is controlled by pressure changes in train brake pipe, electro pneumatic train brake, which sends brake application and release signals to the train control centre, a direct acting electro pneumatic brake and a parking and an additional brakes. Train brakes can be controlled both manually (by the engine driver) or automatically. Usually the brake system is installed in one container, which allows having all the system grouped in a single block. The engine is also equipped with a DAKO wheel slide protection system.


1. Brake device container
2. Parking brake panel
3. Auxiliary circuit panel
4. Disc brake unit
5. Cleaning unit
6. Wheel slide protection dump valve
7. End cock

  8. Brake coupling
  9. Emergency brake valve
10. Quick acting brake valve
11. Closing cock
12. Parking brake indicator
13. Wheel slide protection system control unit
14. Service brake indicator

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