This system is based on an automatic DAKO CV1nD system and also comprise an electro pneumatic brake system, control system for electromagnetic track brake and DAKO PZ4 emergency brake system. The bogies are equipped with disc brake units, three position wheel slide protection dump valves and speed sensors installed on the train axle. The passenger coach is also equipped with a DAKO wheel slide protection system.

Passenger Coaches

1. Compact brake 
2. Auxiliary air reservoir
3. Disc brake unit 
4. Brake disc
5. Dust collector 
6. “On-Off” Changeover Gear
7. Eye of pull rod
8. End cock 
9. Brake coupling 

10. Brake indicator
11. Electromagnetic track brake testing module
12. Display of electromagnetic track brake
13. Emergency brake valve 
14. Safety valve of emergency brake
15. Electronic block of the wheel slide protection system
16. Draining valve 
17. Magnetic track brake
18. Magnetic track brake electric control unit 

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