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The year 2016 is a special one for DAKO-CZ. Our company celebrates 200 year anniversary of its founding by Jan Zvěřina in 1816, who – at the Golden Stream valley - founded a smithery, foundry and other small workshops manufacturing various agricultural and stove components.

History of mechanical engineering in the region located „under Iron Mountains“ is closely related to Třemošnice town history as shown in Třemošnice chronicle records. Třemošnice town benefited from the prosperity of the company, mainly after the Second World War. Lots of generations and families have left important traces in Hedvikov company and since 1967 in Třemošnice, at the current headquarters of DAKO-CZ company.

As far as the current rail vehicle brake production is concerned the most important historical milestone is the year 1926, when brake manufacturing in Třemošnice started. Therefore, the year 2016 is also the year of 90th anniversary of rail vehicle brake manufacturing start in Třemošnice.

The main person responsible for brake manufacturing in Třemošnice in Kovolis Hedvikov company (the former name of the company) was Josef Daněk, a young technician from Adast, whose task was to train employees in manufacturing, assembly and testing of brake systems. He should have stayed with the company just for a few month but he actually spent his whole life (with his family) in Třemošnice focusing on improvement of technical characteristics of the brake systems.

In 1952 the government asked a group of experts, including Josef Daněk and his team to develop a proprietary Czechoslovak brake system. This represents another milestone as in 2016 the company celebrates 60th anniversary of its first DAKO CV1 brake system international certification by UIC sub-committee in 1956.

We would like to thank all employees and business partners for their support and hard work, which allows us to celebrate these important milestones.

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